Master Classes

The  third level Masterclass  Musicianship class taught by Mrs. Kiszely is designed to explore the piano repertoire  in depth, to look it  from many perspectives,  to open the mind and ears of the students in a master class setting. Students learn ways of noticing the details of a musical score with full attention to the possibilities, and then have the chance to turn that  into music as they perform for the whole group.  


Each student attending has the ability to hear Mrs. Kiszely’s  helpful comments  to the performer, from  technique  to musicianship, form, style, or theoretical analysis  which can be applied by each student to his own repertoire.  It is very motivating to hear the performances of your fellow classmates.


For those getting ready for a performance  or  audition, whether local  or international,  performing frequently is the best possible preparation for  a public performance. 

The  communication  and interpretation of the music itself  is the ultimate goal of the class.