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Committed to Excellence in Piano Studies Since 1967

We provide the best possible education and practical training for the qualified piano student who wishes to pursue a career in music, as well as for music-loving students whose aims are non-professional.

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Becoming a Pianist at The Main Line Conservatory of Music

The Main Line Conservatory of Music is the perfect environment for serious and gifted young pianists, ages 6 through 18. The school provides the best possible education and practical training necessary for those who wish to pursue a career in music, as well as for music-loving children whose aims are non-professional. The Conservatory also welcomes adult pianists as students.

Students must make a commitment to more than just regular attendance. Daily practice, weekly assignments, and a positive attitude play an important role in the success of those enrolled at the Main Line Conservatory of Music.

About Our Methods
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Founded by Accomplished Musicians

Located in Ardmore, the Main Line Conservatory of Music was founded by Dr. Andor and Joy Kiszely in 1967.

Over their 5 decades of teaching, the Kiszelys produced winners in major competitions and many of their students went on to serve on the faculties of universities and colleges. Others have followed their example and founded music schools that proudly carry on the musical tradition they learned at the Main Line Conservatory.

The Main Line Conservatory of Music has given its students who desire to perform opportunities to take part in competitions, as well as college preparatory courses for those planning to major in music. Each decade of the school's history has had its share of outstanding achievements.

About Our History
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Making the Learning of Music a Lasting Experience

The founders of the Main Line Conservatory took their inspiration from the revolutionary approach to music education pioneered by Zoltan Kodály. The influence of Kodály’s principles has led to five decades of success in nurturing and developing the musical potential of each student. As such, piano lessons at the Main Line Conservatory help develop fluency in reading and writing music, enhance sight-reading and sight-singing, improve mental and physical coordination as well as pianistic technique, and enable artistic and intelligent performance - making the learning of music a joyous experience which lasts a lifetime.

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To Grow Musically and Experience Personal Development

When students are ready for public performance and competitions, the Main Line Conservatory of Music provides them with a variety of opportunities which set goals, stimulate their best efforts, help them grow musically, and experience personal development through music.

Concerts & Recitals

Deepens the students' understanding and control of a piece and is an invaluable tool for general personal growth.



A fascinating process to reach one’s full potential as a musician and a person through performance preparation.


playing with orchestras

A peak experience of learning and performing a movement of a Concerto, accompanied by either a second piano or an entire orchestra.


Piano Duets

This experience has all the ingredients of concerto preparation, with the added fun of sharing your practice with a friend.


master classes

Bringing the student to a new level of awareness about the piece they perform through coaching by a master teacher.

Master Classes

chamber music

A significant musical growth experience which develops high musicianship and imagination.

Chamber Music

Music is a manifestation of the human spirit, similar to language. Its greatest practitioners have conveyed to mankind things not possible to say in any other language. If we do not want these things to remain dead treasures, we must do our utmost to make the greatest possible number of people understand their idiom.

― Zoltán Kodály
the faculty

Meet Our Skilled and Experienced Teachers

Students at the Main Line Conservatory receive close individual training with teachers who are passionate about music and know how to reach a child through a carefully planned program designed to fit the student’s need and ability.

michael sheadel Dr. Michael Sheadel Director
Rahel Inniger Rahel Inniger Teacher
Jing Ye Stephanie Ben-Salem Teacher
Jing Ye Coming Soon Teacher
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Our Outstanding Teaching Throughout The Years

Read What Parents Are Saying About The Main Line Conservatory And Its Teachers.

“Main Line Conservatory of Music is a great school. Both of my daughters studied piano there and won many prestigious competitions. Besides the piano classes, the school also offers the Kodaly theory class which is very unique and helpful to develop the musicianship. Highly recommend!”

― Jin Zhang, parent

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