The Main Line Conservatory of Music was founded in 1967 by Dr. and Mrs. Kiszely to provide music loving piano students with an exceptional opportunity  to develop their talent to the highest level possible through a comprehensive program of performance skills and   musicianship training.  

Encouragement and moral support for the school's launch came from a meeting with Zoltan Kodaly at Tanglewood, who had traveled to the US as an honored guest at the summer Festival in Boston in 1966. Dr. Kiszely had been among the prominent Hungarian artists working with Zoltan Kodaly in Hungary before the Hungarian revolution to establish what has become known as the Kodaly System. The Kodalay System was soon thereafter incorporated in the Hungarian education system as a part of their general schooling to provide music education for every Hungarian child from pre-school to artist level. Specialized training for the highly gifted was available in addition to the basic training.


The Main Line Conservatory of Music has given its students who desire to perform opportunities to take part in international and local competitions, as well as college preparatory  courses for those planning to major in music.  Each decade of the school's history has had its share of outstanding achievements.